Hottest Tech Toy at ESRI UC

Adapx PenxBy far, the hottest "tech toy" demonstrated at the ESRI UC was the Adapx digital pen or Penx. The pen can be used to mark-up a paper map with "redline" annotation,  but the unique function is to be able to dock the pen in a USB port and have your mark-up appear on the same map that had been previously digitized. The paper is "watermarked" so that it knows the extents of the map prior to drawing on it. The user "strikes-through" an icon on the legend and then draws the feature manually on the paper map. Docking the pen transfers the information to a digital map. The demo was shown during the opening plenary and the Adapx booth has been inundated. Rather than try to explain further, click on the photo at right and watch the demo.

Published Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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