How the Tech Press Understands Esri’s Acquisition of Geoloqi

Yesterday Esri announced it was acquiring seven person Geoloqi, an LBS platform company with a focus on using geofences, based in Portland, Oregon. The office will become and R&D site for Esri and CEO Amber Case expects to hire between 12 and 20 people in the next two years. The company had raised by $350,000 since its launch in 2010. 

Geoloqi announced the acquisition in a blog post late yesterday and offers this FAQ for users. Of note from the FAQ:

In the future, all of Geoloqi's features and products will be available through ArcGIS Online with a developer-friendly pricing model and feature set.

Here's how the tech press understands what the companies do and the key tidbits I gleaned from each. Geoloqi did contact Directions Magazine, I was unable to follow up on the story yesterday due to travel.



Geoloqi was a smart little startup from Portland, Ore., that made software for telling a smartphone where in the world it is. ...

Esri is a map provider. It has amazing data for planning and logistics. I asked Case to rattle off some industries served by Esri’s map data. Here are just a few: education, tourism, government planning, construction planning, telecom/infrastructure planning, retail, environment management, emergency/disaster management... basically anything that uses a map.

The Next Web

Geo-location just got a bit more more interesting. Geoloqi, a platform that helps developers leverage location in their applications, has been acquired by GIS service, ESRI for an undisclosed sum. 


Geoloqi, a small Portland, OR startup that made it easy for mobile developers to add background location tracking and geo-fencing to their apps, has sold to ESRI, a longtime provider of mapping and planning tools for governments, companies and educational institutions.

“Many mobile developers didn’t know about ESRI. It was written for GIS developers. We’re making it accessible to all developers. Our objective is to wrap up our tools and API so a whole new industry can use these tools,” [Geoloqi CEO] Case told me in an interview.


Geoloqi, the Portland, Ore.-based location-based platform that helps developers add location-based features to their apps, today announced that it has been acquired by Esri, a long-established GIS company that provides online mapping solutions for developers and geographic intelligence for business analytics systems. 


Today geographic information systems leader Esriannounced its acquisition of geo-locating platform Geoloqi, the 2010 FORBES Name You Need To Knowcompany led by 26-year-old CEO Amber Case.

The "Name you need to Know" is a Forbes hot list. The artilce on Geoloqi from that time described Geoloqi as a competitor to foursquare.


While the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, this wasn’t some acqui-hiring mercy-kill. Case said the terms of the deal were “great” and that she wouldn’t have to raise funding when she heads back into the startup fray again — which she undoubtedly will.

As for leaving to start something else Case says, “Definitely, absolutely.”

Published Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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