How You Always Wanted to Order Satellite Data: Airbus’ Satellite Tasking is a Reality

Ordering satellite data always seemed difficult. You had to know that path and scene to order; determine how much cloud cover was present in the scene and make certain that the date was what you needed. In a leap forward, Airbus Defense and Space has integrated a new ordering process making this process extremely simple. The new interface allows users to quickly order scenes from the archive of SPOT 6 & 7 as well as the new Pleiades satellites data in addition to "tasking" the satellite. Tasking in this sense refers to the abilty to order the scene from the next pass of the satellite, essentially providing users with near real-time data acquisition. A unique and simplified interface from within ArcGIS Online was displayed at the Esri UC last week as well. The ordering interface provides the date of the scene and cost. For the ability to receive the next pass data, the cost is $7500.

The Airbus website, GeoStore, has a slightly more complex interface but still contains the basic information such as percentage of cloud cover, spatial resolution, date of acquisition etc. A series of video tutorials to explain the ordering process are available at the Airbus website. Airbus is also offering a series of new cloud services for managed hosting of geospatial data.

Published Monday, July 21st, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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