How’s Apple’s Mapping Strategy Working?

Slate Magazine today rean an article entitled "Apple's Maps Strategy Is Working Just Fine." The article suggested that Apple's iOS mapping app doesn't need to beat Google Maps; it just has to be "good enough." In fact, the author suggests that even being "good enough" is forcing Google to be even better. In addition, Slate suggest that Apple is taking a posture where it believes that eventually they will be on par with Google saying:

Now what Apple needs to do is keep iterating so that its Maps app keeps getting better. In Apple's ideal world, mapping applications will at some point reach an era of sharply diminishing returns so that Apple and Google will reach maps parity. But an acceptable outcome is one in which Apple never catches Google in maps quality, but simply never allows Google to gain a large enough lead for it to become complacent about the quality of Google Maps for iOS.

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Published Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Written by Joe Francica

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