HuffPo Announces Firsthand Citizen Reporting - Powered by Ushahidi

First off, what is Firsthand?

With 36 days until the presidential election, I'm delighted to introduce Firsthand, a project that uses all the tools at our disposal to expand the conversation and put the spotlight on what really matters most in people's lives. Firsthand will be all about engaging our community, allowing you to share the ideas and images that tell the story of our country during this campaign season, as you see it.

Second, the mapping bit:

To tell these stories -- or more accurately, to enable you to tell them -- we're launching a mobile app for the iPhone and Droid, in partnership with Ushahidi, the open source platform that uses crowdsourcing to map crises around the world, from the earthquake in Japan to election violence in Kenya. You can use the app to send photo and video "reports," which will appear on a map on our Firsthand page.

Ushahidi uses Google Maps (by default, but may be able to use other basemaps, I don't know). Ms. Huffington still runs MapQuest, right?

- HuffPo

Published Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

Published in

Open Source

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