Hurricane Sandy - Post Storm Resource Maps

Here are some sources of maps to support recovery efforts of Hurricane Sandy

  1. NOAA: Hurricane Sandy Response Imagery Viewer - The aerial photography missions were conducted by the NOAA Remote Sensing Division. The images were acquired from a nominal altitude of 7,500 feet, using a Trimble Digital Sensor System
  2. From Atanas Entchev - Map of operational New Jersey gas stations after hurricane Sandy -- November 1, 2012 - Source - New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
  3. Google has updated their Crisis Response Map to show locations of shelters, traffic, road work, and continued power outages.
  4. FEMA Disaster Declarations
  5. Huffington Post - Map of Power Outages for NYC
  6. National Flood Insurace Program - City Ratings (source: USAToday)
  7. Damage Impact Map - Source: Esri
  8. Storm assessment swipe map - Source: Esri

Published Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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