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Idaho State University is ready to begin enrolling geosciences doctoral students in August after the Idaho State Board of Education approved an ISU Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in geosciences at its last meeting. ...

The doctoral program will leverage existing departmental strengths in Idaho's natural resources, water supply, and environmental needs, expanding ongoing projects such as water supply and water quality, semi-arid soil and vegetation recovery after wildfires, assessment of active geologic faults, landscape change and associated topographic analyses, fluvial processes, geothermal and volcanology research, remote sensing, including unmanned aircraft systems, and geospatial modeling and software development.

In Tennessee a proposal to merge histry and geography into a single course is making waves. One reason to do so: create more time for language skills, which are tested in state exames.

Geography educators think combining the two subjects will cheat Tennessee students of information that’s increasingly important — a grasp of the geotechnical systems that create intelligence maps for the military, keep FedEx packages moving and create the mapping systems used in smartphones and cars. They fear students won’t be college- or career-ready without that information.

State officials, however, say intertwining the two subjects will give every student a deeper understanding of both topics and students will no longer be forced to choose between history and geography classes in high school.

Educators are heading to Washington DC to push for passage of the Geography is Fundamental Act (TGIF) on February 28.

Published Monday, February 25th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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