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The GeoTech Center announces new professional development opportunities in 2013-2015 related to GIS and remote sensing via the newly refunded  Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training: Remote Sensing (iGETT: RS) program. Thirty six educators mostly from community colleges but with a few high schools and universities as well. Apps for first workshops are due Dec 20.

A new map/app from MIT predicts great potential for photovoltaics in Cambridge, MA.
The new tool shows that if photovoltaic panels were installed on all good and excellent locations, Cambridge could generate about a third of its electricity needs via PV for about $2.8 billion. The technology has been found to predict electricity yield to within 4-10 percent of actual measured results.
The map is but a proof of concept.
The Solar Map was developed by the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT — a part of the Building Technology Program in the Department of Architecture directed by Associate Professor Christoph Reinhart — and Modern Development Studio LLC (MoDe Studio) — a consulting, design and development workshop based in Boston and led by Eduardo Berlin — in collaboration with the City of Cambridge Community Development Department.

A team of Montreal university students will aim for space as soon as next year after winning the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge on Saturday (Sept. 29).

When launched, Concordia University's CubeSat will aim to map plasma changes in a portion of the Van Allen belts, which are bands of intense radiation circling the Earth.

One student on the team already has a job - with MDA.

- Space.com

Published Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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