Illinois Open Data Challenge and other GIS Contest News

More prize money for developers using government data, this time in Illinois.

The program, called the Illinois Open Technology Challenge, will encourage local developers to find uses for data offered through the state's open data platform by offering at least $75,000 in prizes. It also will encourage government to supply data by engaging local developers. The program will begin as a pilot in Belleville, Champaign, Rockford and Chicago’s south suburbs.

I could find no details of prizes, due dates or rules.

- Digital Communities and News Release via @storm72

The is that organization's "feet on the street;" anyone can join. And, there's a contest for those folks underway until Election Day (and beyond). It's not a creation contest, but a re-use contest. The idea is to deploy existing CfA apps in your town. "Prizes" are help marketing the app, to Brigade meetup support to a full on party.

- Race 4 Reuse via @timoreilly

The Wall Street Journal is holding an election map contest.

Welcome to the WSJ election-map contest, in which we ask readers to fill out an election-night map, assigning each state to Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. The reader who submits the accurate electoral vote count with the accurate state calls is the winner.

You have to be a subscriber to get more info (and probably participate).


Published Friday, October 26th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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