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The map shows all of the announced RebuildIndy projects, according to a news release, and includes details such as estimated starting and completion dates and project descriptions.

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Indianapolis Star

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg is taking a new approach to preserving the history of the centuries-old Mount Calvary Cemetery in Allison Hill.

The diocese has allowed the National Park Service and the Land Logistics Group of Camp Hill to map the cemetery through laser and global positioning satellite technology.

Sally Holbert, President of Land Logics Group, said the technology could make genealogy and record-keeping a snap.

"I can click on any of these cemetery sections and information associated with that cemetery block pops up," she said.

Holbert has been using the digital laser mapping process for years in her work as a landscape architect and thought it could be useful to the diocese.

I guess the plan is to use GPS and LiDAR. 

- ABC27 (source of the above discussion)

- Penn Live (better discussion of the techology and notes the work is done pro bono)

Creating a Geographic Information System map will cost Franklin County [PA] $744,000.

The work will be done by Sidwell and will build on a parcel mapping pilot that's complete. Of note, the system will include a uniform parcel identifier . And, in the future the county may levy a tax of $10 or $15 per deed or mortgage recorded that would help fund the system longterm.

- Chambersburg Public Opinion

Published Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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