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India's national GIS is expected to be online within 3 years.

Called National GIS, this geographical information system powered service would be the first one-stop database of India's natural and physical assets, providing information and services about government schemes and businesses -- right from locating malls, hospitals or ATMs to lodging complaints. ,,,

 The government already has a sizeable resource of multi-resolution satellite images and topographical and thematic maps. There are also GIS initiatives of the Natural Resources Management System , National Spatial Data Infrastructure and National Urban Information Systems . 

However, none of these are integrated with each other, making it impossible for one government agency to use information of another while alienating private stakeholders altogether.

Economic Times


Romania's Green Register project is planning to use GIS to ensure Bucharest meets EU requirements for green space.

The Green Register project’s objectives include creating a digital map of protected trees and compact green spaces on public and private land, as well as trees planted near roads, public institutions, public schools, culture institutions, housing complexes, churches and in cemeteries. The map should also cover damaged land that can be converted into green space.

Another objective is developing a dedicated geographic information system (GIS) application, to keep the map up to date and allow a user to generate and print reports, and read about documents issued by City Hall’s Environment Department on cutting/planting authorization.

- Romania Insider


The results of Mongolia’s 2010 Population and Housing Census are in – at present, there are currently 2,754,685 individuals in Mongolia, up from 2,373, 493 people from ten years ago.

Following the recommendation of the United Nations that countries should conduct a census every 10 years, Mongolia was among the 53 countries to do so by conducting its population and housing census using a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the first time based on best practice case studies from other countries.

- FutureGov

Published Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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