Indoor Location and Marketing News Briefs

SITA Labs is testing iBeacons for use at airports. According to a press release from SITA:

As part of the world’s largest implementation of beacons at an airport, American Airlines will become the first airline to use the SITA Common-use Beacon Registry. This new service from SITA will mean passengers can look forward to getting up-to-date and relevant information on their mobile devices in airports everywhere ... iBeacon is a technology Apple introduced with iOS 7 that uses Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing to trigger the display of location-relevant information on devices at the right time and in the right situation. With beacons, airlines can easily provide passengers with indoor directions, walk times to gates, lounge access and alerts about boarding. Knowing where a passenger is before sending information enables more effective communication.

Microsoft Looks at Indoor GPS

If GPS hasn't worked in the past for indoor positioning, what's Microsoft's solution?  According to eWeek,

The researchers' solution involves "using a steerable, high gain directional antenna as the front-end of a GPS receiver along with a robust signal processing step and a novel location estimation technique to achieve direct GPS-based indoor localization," according to an abstract published by Microsoft. "By leveraging the computing power of the cloud, we accommodate longer signals for acquisition, and remove the requirement of decoding timestamps or ephemeris data from GPS signals ... In a test of 31 random indoor, single-story locations, the team was "able to obtain location fixes in 20 of them, with a median error of fewer than 10 meters," wrote Knies. "This is a scenario in which all normal GPS receivers fail."

Indoor Location Conference: Place 2014 - July 22 - NYC

Place 2014, the only event dedicated to place-based marketing and indoor location, will feature the first national brand case study on the impact of iBeacons on in-store product sales, according to a press release from the organizers, OPUS Research.

"Mobile devices and location analytics are starting to have a dramatic impact on the way that marketers and brands think about reaching and targeting consumers," said Greg Sterling, senior analyst with Opus Research and conference chair. "Vast amounts of real-world data open up new opportunities for place-based marketing, but create new privacy concerns if not handled properly."

aisle411 offers new functionality for mobile app using Google's Project Tango

In a press release, aisle411 announced "new functionality that will allow retail shoppers using Google’s Project Tango to search and navigate to product locations while getting rewarded in retail environment .. The combined solutions from Project Tango and aisle411 allow users to search and navigate to specific products in a 3D augmented reality experience inside the store."

Published Friday, June 27th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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