Integraph’s Team GeoMedia Business Partner Program

By Directions Staff

By Leos Svoboda, Manager, Team GeoMedia

1. How does Team GeoMedia differ from the business partner model used by ESRI and MapInfo? That is, how is it different than being simply a reseller of software or services?

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has redefined and expanded the traditional business partner relationship with the Team GeoMedia Program.The program comprises a growing framework of companies that develop and support GeoMedia-based solutions.Registered Solutions Providers (RSP) and Registered Solutions Centers (RSC), the part of the program that is similar to the business partner model, are not simply resellers of software or services.The emphasis is on developing, marketing, delivering and supporting solutions based on GeoMedia technology and products.Unlike other vendors, our mission is to solve business problems, and our Team GeoMedia RSP and RSC members play a critical role in providing expertise and skills that complement Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions' technology and products.Our plan is to continue to standardize all our channel programs worldwide using RSP and RSC programs.Complete details can be found at

2. How many members does Team GeoMedia have currently? US? Europe? Asia/Pacific?

There are 82 members at the RSP level and four members at the RSC level in Europe at this time.The program has exceeded our expectations in Europe.We continue to expand Team GeoMedia in Europe and throughout the North American and Asia Pacific regions.A complete list of current members is in the Solutions Catalog at the Subscribers, basic level for end users and education, there are over 400 members worldwide.

3. Have any Team GeoMedia members released customized solutions that they sell directly? Does Intergraph resell any of these solutions?

Yes.Several RSP and RSC members in Europe have already released GeoMedia-based solutions addressing a variety of industries and workflows.We provide a comprehensive listing of these solutions in the Team GeoMedia Solutions Catalog at Solutions Catalog provides the gateway for GeoMedia users and the general public to locate and learn about solutions from these valued partners who are delivering applications and services that are "Powered by GeoMedia" and datasets that are "Ready for GeoMedia."

At this time, Intergraph does not resell partner solutions.However, another aspect of the Team GeoMedia program is the Strategic Partner relationships.As these develop, there may be opportunities where we develop mutual selling agreements.

4. How have you tried to make the Team GeoMedia partners successful in using GeoMedia technology?

Expert technical skills, especially programming skills, are critical for delivering the solutions.We require RSP and RSC members to have such skills (at least two Certified Developers), and we provide tools and technical support to help them meet this requirement.Membership benefits include licenses of all relevant products, including the new industry products for further qualified members, programming support from a dedicated support desk, and certification of their employees as Team GeoMedia Certified Developers, with related training at cost.A critical component of technical support is Team GeoMedia TechNet, a secure area of

We feel sales and marketing support has the same importance for our partners in order to make them more competitive, that's why we want to be partners both in technology, AND business.The sales and marketing support comes from corporate and regional headquarters and local offices.The central support includes our global deliverables, primarily through another secured area of, SalesNet.Local support is related to coordination of the actual business efforts, hand in hand with our local sales organizations.

Mr.Svoboda can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2002

Written by Directions Staff

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