Intergraph Sets Future for G/Technology Enhancements for Utility Applications

Intergraph announced product enhancements for their G/Technology applications that are used by the utility (gas, water, electric, telecommunications) industry.

With this next product release for this year, G/Technology will be able to consume the OGC WFS & WMS specifications,  To the end user, these additional services will look like just another layer that may come from other sources. Addition support includes the following:

Basic workflow support:

  • support output to PDF layers
  • improved relationship integrity (interior connectivity at placement and break)
  • STORMS Work Management System (enhance interface for improved work point handling; Areas of Interest (supports discontiguous shapes)
  • customization - an API already exists to design applications against the G/Technology platform
    • enhancement planned will include designer and plotting features (rotate map in plot window; change map background color; export to CAD; legend manipulations)
    • viewer customization (CAB framework enhancements; support for configurable button sizes and keyboard events)

Specific workflow enhancements

  • Streamlined simple printing so you can see immediately how a map will fit on paper and the user will be able to print directly from page setup.
  • Output enhancements: specify PDF driver as output device for batch plot and to output to a layered PDF Enhancements for MobileViewer and NetViewer Easier data entry for lists Enhanced sorting and scrolling for results data

Virtualization and applications publishing – planned for release later this year and to be certified for Citrix XenApp

Vision for Future G/Technology beyond this year’s releases:

  • better metaData management workflows
  • new client technology
  • manage user roles and privileges
  • automated feature and component creation
  • selecting and porting or removing subsets of metadata
  • visual management tools (Attributes, Map, Relationships)
  • document generation and configuration update
  • user definition and role assignment
  • enterprise database optionality: adding SQL Server as option for G/Technoogy database; G/Technology has traditionally supported Oracle Spatial

Miscellaneous planned 2009 enhancements

  • improved map fidelity incorporating GeoMedia capabilities
  • incorporate GeoMedia rendering
  • translucency for effective analysis with richer display
  • single sign on – user characteristics stored in industry standard formats and retrieved for G/Technology login and the plan is to have this in an industry standard storage location such as LDAP

G/Technology product release schedule

  • G/Technology 9.4.3 – release is imminent and planned for June 2009 – based on Oracle Relational Storage; After this – only maintenance mode fixes only – no enhancements after 9.4.3 release
  • G/Technology 10.0.2 – Oracle Spatial Storage support – previously released December 2008
  • G/Technology 10.1 – Planned Q4 2009
  • G/Technology 10.1.1 – Proposed late 2010

Published Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Written by Joe Francica

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