Intergraph’s SDI/INSPIRE at the Dutch Kadaster

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Spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) support the discovery, access, and use of geospatial information in the decision-making process. Intergraph’s SDI application makes it easy for you to share data, removing barriers so you can communicate and collaborate more effectively. Join us for a podcast to learn how Dutch Kadaster benefits from our SDI application. Dutch Kadaster, the national land registry and mapping agency for the Netherlands, uses Intergraph’s SDI application to share an enormous amount of data among departments, with other agencies, and with citizens. “We need to provide good solutions to our citizens and customers because this helps us get in a position to create a true, great spatial data infrastructure for our country,” says Arco Groothedde, a member of the executive board of Dutch Kadaster. Intergraph is a world leader in interoperable SDI technologies based on industry standards.

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