Interior’s Geospatial Information Officer discusses the Geospatial Platform April 14 Online

Mark your calendars for a #science chat:
Live Q&A if time permits, April 14, 12:15 pm EDT.
Link for the event

How will energy development affect endangered species habitat? How will landscape fragmentation change if one or more conservation actions are taken? The answers to these questions and many more depend on geospatial information. And an increasingly easy to take advantage of, huge variety, of data and tools are becoming available. This month's guest in the Office of Policy Analysis Speaker Series is Jerry Johnston, DOI’s Geospatial Information Officer. Jerry will discuss how the Geospatial Platform can enable more effective landscape-level decision making in support of many different policy and program needs, including climate change adaptation, ecosystem services and resilience, energy assessments, and hazard response.

Suggestion to organizers: Arrange the session such that there is time for the Q&A. I know you can do it!

Published Friday, February 28th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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