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By Geoscape International Staff


Geoscape International provides market intelligence to a diverse array of organizations throughout the world via information products, software and consulting services.The focus is on helping clients understand their opportunities for multi-national and multi-cultural business growth, with particular strength in The Americas.Offerings are being rapidly increasing throughout Europe and Asia.

Geoscape's products and services portfolio is comprised of four general business components.
  • Geoscape® Intelligence System (GIS): This GIS is a hosted application service providing an array powerful market intelligence functions in a simple-to-use network browser interface.The various functions offered in an Internet format can be made available upon request individually or together in a customized corporate intranet format.
  • American MarketScape™ Datastream (AMDS): A licensable data series of over 1,000 market and geodemographic indicators at levels from National, State, DMA, County, ZIP and block group. Through extensive modeling and research, a long list of market indicators has been generated, some of which are unique to Geoscape. The AMDS includes hundreds of extended multicultural variables for Hispanics and Asians covering country of origin, language, household expenditures, household income, demographics, and much more. The current version of AMDS is for 2005/2010.
  • DirectTarget: Used in Geoscape's GIS and available to developers for integration with CRM, marketing, and other applications, DirectTarget combines Geoscape International's proprietary NameBase™, GeoBase™ and HomeBase™ technologies, enabling the extraction of knowledge from a house database or rented lists. DirectTarget is used to identify and segment people and households by ethnicity, race, country of origin, socioeconomic status, consumer behavior and a variety of other important attributes.The results are typically used for direct marketing, modeling and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and extract targeted lists are used for telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.
  • Multinational Map and Geodemographic Database Portfolio: Businesses that are expanding internationally have a greater need for current geodemographic in markets that are developing and are less mature than the US.Geoscape has developed and assembled map and geodemographic databases for countries in The Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. These licensable databases are deployed on desktops and available for web-based intranet-Internet applications. Geoscape's data products are provided in formats such as TAB, Shapefile, MS Access, and dbf, making them compatible with software platforms from MapInfo, ESRI, Microsoft, and many specialized platforms that accept one of the above formats.
Examples of Geoscape's Multinational Map and Geodemographic Database Portfolio
Following are a few examples of interesting international databases maintained by Geoscape. You can get a better sense of regional availability by looking at the web data catalog.

There is a comprehensive 2003 geodemographic dataset for Puerto Rico at the block group and zip code levels. The 2003 geo-demographic estimates contain 70 variables for population size, population race, income, household income, household size, and vehicles per household. Geoscape also provides the 2003 street level database for Puerto Rico.

Geoscape offers census 2000 geodemographic datasets for all of Mexico, by country at the estado (state) and municipio (county) levels, by country and by state at the detailed AGEB level, and a national file of socioeconomic status (SES) indicators for all of Mexico mapped at the detailed AGEB level. The Mexico census 2000 geodemographic contain over 170 variables for population, housing, income, age, household, and economic labor statistics. Detailed street level datasets and customized metro bundles are also available.

Geoscape offers Brazil census 2001 datasets at national coverage for population, gender, age, literacy, income, and household characteristics reported at the estado and municipio levels, and at the detailed sector (block) level for 1000 cities. The sector level datasets contain more than 150 demographic indicators including socio-economic status, population, gender, age, literacy, income, and household characteristics. Detailed street level datasets and customized metro bundles are also available.

Geoscape has China census 2000 geodemographic in five demarcation levels: province, prefecture, major city (prefecture level city), city-county, and city districts.Altogether the census 2000 datasets cover 190 variables in 12 categories, including population, household, housing, education, income and employment.

Last year they developed School Data and a Deprived School Index derived from income, poverty, literacy, and other developed indices to determine the top 25% of deprived schools in countries ranging from Singapore, Korea, Spain, UK, Slovakia, Denmark and Japan.Another one was pedestrian foot traffic at the street intersection level in European cities for input to location models.

About Geoscape International
Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Miami, Geoscape International, a privately held company.Customers include AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Blockbuster, Proctor & Gamble and Starbucks. Geoscape has subsidiary operations in The Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico.

Published Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Written by Geoscape International Staff

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