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Mahindra Satyam, former Satyam Computer Services Ltd., said its business process outsourcing arm, Mahindra Satyam BPO, had renewed its existing contract with NAVTEQ, the global provider of digital map data, to provide wide portfolio of geospatial services for a further period of two years.

- RTT News

Ahmedabad is looking at a tree inventory based on GPS data collection and a GIS database.

Deputy municipal commissioner for parks and garden department, SK Langa said that the tree census would enable to get reliable scientific documentation of tree species which are rare in the city, define the number of trees per individual in city, a reliable indicator of climate change and C-stock and the greening efforts required for the city.

- DNA India

The Bombay high court on Monday acquitted map-makers Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed Shaikh of all charges in the 26/11 trial because of lack of corroborative evidence.

Still, the judge didn't believe their story regarding carrying hand drawn maps (since maps are available from Google, was the logic) nor is it likely they will be released from jail any time soon.

- Times of India


Ghana is celebrated its 6th Surveyors Week with a focus on how the discipline supports the oil and gas industry.

GBC Ghana


SK Telecom announced Tuesday that it launched Geovision, a business platform based on geographic information system (GIS). For 150,000 won, the platform provides the user with market analysis of the location in five minutes. If someone wants to open a café, he would want to know about the population, the number of passersby, their income level, rent, and competitors. Geovision provides around 30 kinds of detailed information, such as buying patterns of each age group or gender and real estate development. 

There are eight partners involved in the offering which is basically Business Analyst for Korea!

- Korea Times

Published Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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