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The Open Map Caucasus (OMC) is finishing up its maps of Georgia (the country) and will make them available on several platforms, early next year. Per Jeff Haack, OMC country director:

We’re planning to send our maps to Google very soon. They will import them into Google’s MapMaker platform, and then gradually they should be pushed into Google Maps. We’ll also be importing our data into the OpenStreetMap project by the end of the year. There are numerous applications for accessing OpenStreetMap on mobile devices, most easily on the iPhone or Android devices, and this will most definitely help visitors to Georgia find their way around…



Nokia will launch a comprehensive navigational map of Pakistan with its accurate street-to-street images and information in national and local languages, Imran Mehmood General Manager Nokia Pakistan said. These maps will be made available at Ovi Maps by end next year.

- ProPakistani


Esri Australia is building Connect Maps, an online application will be used by government agency VicRoads to measure what areas of roading need maintaining. It goes live on Dec 7 and will initially be used by those managing bidding for the Australian state.

- Techworld Australia


200 participants from around the Pacific region are attending the 2010 Pacific Islands Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Conference with the theme: “You can not manage what you don’t map.”

- Radio Fiji


With parliamentary elections set of this coming weekend, there’s a been a tightening of sorts in Egypt. To help insure things run smoothly and fairly, a team will use Ushahidi to track reports of irregularities. “The website, which means “you are a witness,” will plot reports of election irregularities on an interactive map of Egypt. Citizens can submit reports via text message, Twitter, or e-mail, along with photo or video verification. The effort’s organizers hope it will push regular citizens toward political participation.”

- CS Monitor

Published Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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