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For the last few month finding an authenticated topographical map of the various districts in Pune state. The local office of the Survey of India has had scanner problems.

According to Pune division officials, the maps are designed and digitally produced in the Pune office and then sent to Hyderabad to be printed. They are then brought back to Pune and sold. But since a limited amount is printed each time, the Pune division provides more copies if needed by specially printing them at the office using a scanner and printer.

-”>The Times of India


“The federal government has allocated RM2 million to the Kota Kinabalu City Hall for the implementation of the Safe City Programme.” Among the tools: “the establishment of GIS mapping for crime and safe city program.”

- Borneo Post

India - Delhi

A year after the Delhi government launched its much-publicized Rs 120-crore geo-spatial project to map the land and utility service records of the city using GPS technology, it seems to have realized that its officials prefer sticking to the old ways. The government is now planning to enact a law to ensure that its officials use the technology in everyday applications.

- Times of India


CARE International has produced flood risk maps for the Western Region that would be useful for the government and other agencies in the event of such a disaster….
“With the support of a GIS Volunteer from Denmark (Thomas Kristian Andersen), CARE has produced a map which identifies flood prone areas and provides information on towns likely to be affected in the wake of a flood.

- Ghana News Agency

Published Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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