Invasive Species Mapping and other Crowdsourcing GIS News

Locals in and around Saugerties, NY will add to  iMapInvasives,  New York’s online invasive species database, via a mapping party on May 8.

The event starts at the Town of Saugerties Library for an orientation and brief training. Next the volunteers will carpool to the Esopus Creek Conservancy’s Esopus Bend Preserve (EBP) to walk the woodland trails and map invasive species and will return to the library to view their real-time contributions to the database. Invasive plant ID guides and trail maps will be provided.

I think that last bit, about seeing their contributions added to the state database is vital.

- Suagerties Times

In Altadena, CA (always like the name of that city) the local Patch is asking readers to help build a map of dog attacks, after one earlier this week. The map is Google-based (still waiting for a MapQuest-based one!) and there are guidelines: don't use exact addresses and only post actual attacks. Patch is doing a lot of this work. I wonder if they are studying how well it works across its many papers?

- Altadena Patch

The Miwaukee paper asked readers to map their sentiment yesterday during the recall primary. I want to encourage Google or developers to build a decent legend solution for such maps.

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Published Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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