Iowa Cancer Maps and other Health GIS News

And in the case of these cancer maps released every year by the University of Iowa, you can find sadness, sickness, and recovery; everything that can come with cancer.

You can also find which factors correlate with cancer: lower income, rural areas.


Esri Ireland is the first company to receive funding under the Connected Health project run by The Digital Hub and St. James’s Hospital.

Esri Ireland will receive seed funding, free office space and enterprise development supports through Connected Health. In return, over the coming months, the company will develop a number of digital tools for St. James’s Hospital.

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Even as telemedicine is increasingly proven to help keep chronic diseases under control and gains acceptance among patients, some of the neediest Medicare beneficiaries in the country will be losing access to this valuable service as the government redraws county maps across the country.  Medicare patients in 97 countries from Hawaii to Puerto Rico to Minnesota will be redefined as living in “metropolitan” areas, precluding them from receiving Medicare coverage for video conferencing and other telehealth activities, even though 80% of beneficiaries live in urban counties such as those cut from the list.

The issue? As counties are redefined based on the 2010 census, some move from rural to urban, and thus residents may no longer qualify for telemedicine coverage. Missouri is fighting the trend:

Medicare patients in two Missouri counties will now be covered, which comes on the heels of the Missouri State Senate unanimously approving legislation to require all private insurers to cover electronic and remote medical services at the same rate as in-person care. 

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Published Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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