Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami - Comprehensive Map & Imagery Resources

By Joe Francica

Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Map Resourse

* Recently updated

Wall Street Journal
Harvard University
Center for Satellite-based Crisis Information
*GeoEye/Google imagery of before/after impact

Web map application

Texas Tech
National Data Bouy Center - monitoring stations that record water column height
Google's Crisis Response Team has set up a website with links to resources concerning the earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan.
Global Incident Viewer - a map of earthquake and aftershock locations
* Esri Trends Map...includes information from Ushahidi
Location of Japan's earthquake as well as Pacific Rim siesmic activity
American Geophysical Union
A resource center from the nation's leading geophysicists
New York Times
Interactive Map with photos of areas impacted by earthquake and tsunami
Before and after imagery of selected areas taken by GeoEye
Google Earth Blog
Download KML files of earthquake and tsunami-affected areas of Japan.
DigitalGlobe has released newly acquired imagery of earthquake and tsunami-affected areas of Japan.
Washington Post
Three maps are offered on "affected areas," "aftershocks," and "tsunami intensity."

Published Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Written by Joe Francica

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