John Sailor Remembered

By Adena Schutzberg

The GIS industry is still small enough that a loss of an individual is keenly felt.We lost one key player this past week, in my own backyard of Boston.

John Sailor was a founding principal and Senior Vice-President of Boston-based Geonetics, a subsidiary of the BSC Group.Prior to joining Geonetics, John was Vice President of Engineering for LaserData, where he led the development of software to manage and store electronic documents. He also was a Senior Technical Manager for Intergraph Corporation, responsible for software design and development of map polygon processing, map analysis, and spatial data integrity verification.He died Saturday, March 21 at the age of 45.Frits van der Schaaf, a senior member of the Geonetics team, remembers John.

John provided day-to-day leadership and overall technical and business development vision to Geonetics, a company that embraces geospatial technology to meet the future needs of it clients.He coined the company's motto: "Putting Spatial Data to Work".John had a national reputation throughout the GIS industry for his technical competence and business abilities.

His drive inspired his co-workers and clients.He was generous with his time and made himself available to give technical advice to those that asked.John was a dear colleague that had high ethical standards in the work environment.John's dedication to the company's growth and his adherence to excellence made Geonetics what it is today.He was a multi-dimensional person, a team player and was extremely well liked at both the personal and professional level.John will be sorely missed by both his co-workers and peers.


Published Friday, March 30th, 2001

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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