Keep Track of Local Google Map Maker and OpenStreetMap Changes

Google announced updates to its Map Maker editing tools. Now editors can see all the changes in their area of interest in a single panel.

- Map Maker Forum Discussion via C|net

A new tool, WHODIDIT, tracks changes to OpenStreetMap via a graphic or RSS.

This is the default view which shows changes within the last week – you can choose a different horizon using a dropdown menu. The color of the cells indicate if the changes are primarily new things (green), changes (yellow) or deletions (red).

What makes WHODIDIT even more useful is that you can get an RSS link for your area of interest, giving you a feed of everything that happens with the OpenStreetMap area you care about. You can use this to just monitor an area for vandalism or irregularities, keep tabs on who is editing in your neck of the woods, or just to feel good about the amount of stuff that gets done.

I'm unclear on what "changeset" means or how or if this works worldwide (yet). But, here's the link as it stands and the thread on the discussion list..

- OSGeo Blog

I find it interesting news popped about both of these on the same day (Monday). That said, these tools are great for developing editors that have a strong connection to, and felling of ownership, for their own little part of Google's or their own part of the world.

Published Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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