Keep your eyes on the sky: Weather is the Rising Star of Big Data

By Casey McGeever

If “knowledge is power” as Sir Francis Bacon once said, then it’s no surprise that Big Data means big empowerment for enterprises all over the world.

AccuWeather understood the challenges and strength of Big Data long before it became a buzzword. After all, making forecasts with superior accuracy is a process that demands great amounts of data on an ongoing basis. We ingest more than 20 terabytes of weather data every day and deliver over 12 billion data calls to audiences and customers all over the world.

AccuWeather has the depth of information, the immediacy and the hyper-localization to serve enterprises in virtually all industries with the best weather available anywhere — what our customers were asking for was a simple way to access that data. Our answer is the AccuWeather Enterprise Portal.

Big Data, Big Simplicity

At the 2015 Esri User Conference in San Diego, we are showcasing the AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions portal delivery system.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions portal delivery system allows enterprises to monitor thousands of locations across the US and worldwide.

In one customizable view, enterprises are able to monitor thousands of individual plants and retail locations. Using Esri’s GIS platform, multiple map overlays for severe weather, precipitation, temperature and more can be combined for at-a-glance awareness. Manufacturing enterprises use this combination of weather data to maintain maximum uptime for the plant while ensuring the safety of its workers. Retail enterprises can use longer range weather data to assess inventory needs, and the AccuWeather 45-Day Forecast to determine the timing on summer promotions. Utilities, Transportation and Government agencies use custom warnings and AccuWeather’s unique MinuteCast® to know exactly when to deploy vehicles.

Even more powerfully, the portal can put specific information coming from the enterprise side-by-side with AccuWeather’s data to create a clear picture for business intelligence and decision-making. The combinations of available weather data are as nuanced and varied as the needs of the businesses they serve.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions portal delivery system includes an array of customizable severe weather warnings.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions portal delivery system provides hyper-localized forecast for virtually every location on Earth where people live.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions portal delivery system provides multiple layers of severe and tropical weather information.

We live in a time of transformative innovation – 90% of all the data in the history of humanity has been generated over the past 700 days.

The challenge for your business is to make the most of all this rapidly accelerating change the data landscape presents to you before your opportunity for competitive advantage has passed.

To learn more about the big weather picture for Big Data, attend the keynote presentation for the second annual Weather Track at the Esri Conference on July 21st from 1:30 to 2 p.m. in Ballroom 20 where AccuWeather Founder, President and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers will be delivering a presentation entitled “Transformational Change Driven by Big Data”.

Published Monday, July 20th, 2015

Written by Casey McGeever

Published in

Esri Technology

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