Kickstarter Campaign: RTK GPS $2000

Colin Beighley, Co-Founder, Swift Navigation Inc. wants readers to know about his new Kickstarter campaign

To start off, I’ll explain a bit about what makes Piksi unique. It implements RTK (Real Time Kinematic) functionality, which makes it 100 times more accurate than a standard GPS receiver - about 4 centimeters of total error. It is low cost - current RTK GPS solutions generally run about $10,000, whereas our complete kit costs $2000. Lastly, Piksi is open source and will be able to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet running an easy to use data collection app.

We’ve just created a new reward for the campaign, which is a pair of Piksi receivers which have a rugged plastic case, Bluetooth connectivity, 10hrs of batteries, SD card, and a built-in radio link. Our aim is to make an easy to use data collection system for anyone who wants to go out in the field and quickly take some points within a few centimeters without needing expensive equipment.

The campaign is at $110,000 far above the original $14,000 goal as of this past weekend. The buy-in for the offer noted above? $900 to deliver in December. Campaign ends Sept 5.

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Published Monday, August 26th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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