Update 2: Korean Court Forces Apple to Pay in Location Tracking Suit

And one more fine from South Korea:

A South Korean regulatory body has fined Apple up to $3,000 fauthorized collection of data on iPhones.

In a statement obtained by AFP on Tuesday, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said, 'KCC decided to fine Apple Korea three million won for collecting location data despite the withdrawal of consent by some users."or the un

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-- update 8/1/11 ---
The Korea Herald reports that law firm Miraelaw plans to file the suit against Apple in Korea later this month, once again claiming that the iPhone violated the country's domestic privacy laws. If those listed on the suit end up with a similar payout to the one provided in June, Apple could be facing an overall settlement of 27 billion won, or around $25.6 million dollars.

--- original post 7/14/11 ---

The court ordered Apple Korea to pay $943 to a litigant for its unauthorized tracking and storing of his location data. It accepted the litigant’s claim that Apple infringed upon his privacy. The ruling is likely to trigger a flood of similar lawsuits from customers of Apple, Google and Daum.

But Apple did not pay willingly:

Apple Korea did not respond to the ruling. Following the decision, Apple Korea had refused to pay compensation. The court seized 1 million won from Apple Korea's bank account for payment of compensation to the complainant after deducting 2,000 won in remittance fees. 

Korea Times

Published Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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