KQED Quest - Northern California’s PBS Affiliate Educates Viewers About Global Environmentalism and their Local Geography

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Craig Rosa, interactive producer, presents the "cross-platform, cross-editorial program" KQED Quest. "Cross-platform, cross-editorial" means Quest is about science, environment and nature-based content for community education in schools, radio, television, and the Web. As their show is based in and about Northern California, Craig explains how KQED Quest reinforces the message of global environmentalism by educating viewers about their local geography. Quest innovatively features an interactive map of Northern California as their web homepage; allowing users to access radio, blog, and TV content all from one page. Craig says Quest's mantra is: "geo-tag everything." Quest encourages users to download, manipulate, and/or reproduce their content any way they see fit. The presentation was recorded at Google headquarters on July 15, 2008, and lasts for 17:44 minutes.

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