Lasoo:  The Best of the Spatial Web Searches

By Adena Schutzberg

I've been less than pleased with most of the geographic search engines I've visited.But, now I have a keeper: first asks that you "Lasso" your area of interest. It then zooms in showing the center of your search so you can adjust it.You also get radius circles showing 200 km distances from that point.

Next you key in the search term.I "Lassoed" Boston, then searched on "kite." Up came 25 results on a list.As I passed the mouse over one of the dots on the map locating a hit, it was highlighted in the list.And, highlighting one on the list, lit up the dot on the map.

Another nice touch: the radius ring colors are matched to the list.Those hits in the inner yellow circle, within 100km on the map, are in a yellow backed part of the list.The hits in the blue ring (100-200 km) are in a blue backed part of the list.Clicking on an entry brings me NOT to the site, but to a quickly drawn detail map with address and phone, and web link if available.Map data are from GDT and NAVTECH and are very attractively and clearly drawn.

The site boasts over 25 million business listings in the Canada and the US, plus over 25,000 websites worldwide.LASOO was founded in September of 1999, and is a privately owned, Canadian-based company.The company licenses their proprietary technology to ISPs, portals, e-commerce m-commerce and private companies.


Published Tuesday, March 13th, 2001

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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