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Here's a list of 20 apps that are part of this new wave of location innovation. All face the same three challenging questions: 1 How do they find an audience? 2 How do they make money? 3 If they're successful, how will they avoid being cannibalised by Facebook? Few have answers now, but this is nevertheless a snapshot of some of the more interesting ideas in the area.

- The Guardian


Foursquare is "breaking out" its Venues API and making it accessible to third party coders at high data limit rates. ...

In its Venues Harmonization plan, Foursquare has to act as the "Rosetta stone" for location--a system to make sure that venue data contained in other location-based systems is cross-linked to Foursquare's, so, for example, if "you know the URL of a restaurant on Thrillist, you can find that same restaurant in our data." 

- Fast Company

- Foursquare Blog

Crowley polled the audience at SXSW:

He polled the large audience on a few topics:

• Almost no one in the crowd said they want Facebook Places integration with Foursquare.
• Almost no one in the audience knew the business model for Foursquare, to Crowley’s surprise.

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A study commissioned by ParTech, Inc. and conducted by Research Now surveyed more than 1,200 consumers in the United States and Canada last fall. One finding related to LBS: "72 percent of the “Millennials” demographic (16-24 year olds) expressed serious interest in receiving location-based restaurant offers on their mobile phones."

- QSR Web

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Published Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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