Leading With Change - SRC User’s Conference Report

By Hal Reid

Extend_04_Review_HReid During April 17 to 20, 2004, the annual SRC User's conference was held in Irvine, California.Dean Stoecker, president of SRC, identified seven points that were themes of this conference.
  •  Share Strategy and Direction
  •  Collaborate with Change Agents
  •  Learn as Much as You Teach
  •  Celebrate Success
  •  Analyze Failures
  •  Create a Framework for Leading with Change
  •  Create a Desire to Return for Extend 2005
To reinforce each theme, there were a total of 8 speakers both as Keynote addresses and for the general sessions that approached the seven themes. Mr.Stoecker's approach was taken from a conference he had attended where one of the speakers had noted respective to change that you were either composing or decomposing.

The Road is Ours, Dave Laberge, Manager of Representative Planning - Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company uses SRC products for planning, and understanding market penetration at the dealer level.One of the advantages they have as a retailer is that they know who is selling what products, (their dealers and the competition) by their access to auto registrations.This gives them a picture of what the competition is doing and how they Ford is doing in comparison.In addition to the nature of change and Location Intelligence was an interesting analysis was the projection of comparative automobile sales in China.

  • In 2005 China will pass Canada in new car sales
  • In 2006 China will pass Brazil in new car sales
  • In 2008 China will pass Japan in new car sales
  • In 2010 China will equal the US and EU in new car sales
This gives you an insight to where Ford is relative to the concepts of market penetration.For them it is more that the trade area of a retail store, it is their total position in the marketplace or evolving marketplaces.

Enabling 11,000 Commercial Real Estate Executives, Tim Hatelstad - Institute of CCIM

Mr.Hatelstad presentation covered the change the CCIM Institute had made from being primarily a teaching institution to making the Real Estate transaction more efficient.They had built a portal type source for online document management, demographics, aerial photos and maps called STDB (Sites To Do Business).This site also covers the financial analysis of the Real Estate deal and allows the users to see competition, nature of a market or trade area as well as the constructs of the Real Estate deal itself. A number of transactions can be managed online making the throughput of a typical Commercial Transaction much faster.The CCIM membership all have access to the system, giving them a considerable value added opportunity compared to other professional organizations.

Telecom - Big Data, Big Decision, Big Solutions, John Hennessy - EMSI & Amy Hebard - Hebard Research Services, Inc.

This was primarily about the shift of telecoms from offering purely traditional phone services to their entry into contemporary business involving marketing, retail locations, wireless, cable, internet services in addition to long distance.The challenges were the huge amounts of data in disparate sources and using this data to enhance the business.SRC product, Pin Point was a major factor in structuring access to those sources and making it useful.John and Amy went beyond the technology and talked about the cultural changes required to make the telecoms compete in free enterprise.

Mapping and Demographics--Only a Few Mouse Clicks Away, Rick Peltz, Senior VP and CIO - Marcus & Millichap

Marcus & Millichap is the nations largest Real Estate Investment Brokerage.Mr.Peltz presentation covered how they had put in place an online publishing system (iMpact) for listing proposals and marketing packages. This included geocoding and mapping within a PowerPoint type environment. They had built this entirely in-house using a number of web based SRC products. The choice of a PowerPoint type user interface was based on their field people already being familiar with this software and using it to create the marketing material for the properties they were handling.In the concepts of Leading with Change, Rick had taken two disparate software premises and built a system that covered all the bases for his field people.Marketing material publications, demographics, aerials and maps with related market data, all online, in real time.

Web Based Mapping Solutions, Art Salisch, Senior Director of Research - Comcast

Comcast is the largest cable provider and their issues were moving to a de-centralized system for maps, coverage areas, reporting all on the fly.They had been using a Guru in the backroom, but the problem was the demand level was so high, that turn-around times were very long.They needed a Web Based Solution giving instant access to field people.They also needed visualization of complicated processes such as weighting households by coverage areas, using Polk and other data, SRC provided the web based demographic and mapping platform.They also needed to have a central location for updates. SRC was chosen because they were willing to create a custom application and they could have it up and running is a short amount of time and on the web..

Measures Network Expansion, Jim McConihe, Network Support Manager, West Region - Cingular Wireless

Cingular showed a series of SRC applications (Allocate, Pin Point) used to identify network service levels - dropped calls, etc.with the ability to create custom polygons and grids.This was integrated with Oracle Spatial and was also data independent for access to disparate data sources.Pin Point provided the ability to create access to data with a visual interface, somewhat similar to Visio for data parsing and pattern matching.With Pin Point, a number of data access analogs could be quickly created so that service levels could be seen from various data vantage points.

Leveraging the Power of the Internet, David Lachicotte, VP IT - CNLR

Mr.Lachicotte explained that CNLR is a REIT and owns primarily freestanding locations for companies like Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart.They do lots of outsourcing and had tried an in-house GIS department, an outsourced GIS department until finally putting in place an SRC based web system. This overall transition moved their run rate from over $400K to $250, simplified the technology and moved them to where the benefits actually exceeded the costs.With a web based system they could let outside associates into the system and broaden the base of access to demographics, mapping, aerials and competitor locations.

In addition to the major speakers, there were 15 session (in 2 tracks) covering case studies  by Save-A-Lot, Union Federal Bank, National Bank Master Card and Giant Foods.There also Media applications by Obie Media and MRI, and very current data which included quarterly demographic updates from Synergos Technologies.

A key point besides Leading with Change was the ability for SRC to be data independent and GIS independent.An example was Mapping Analytics using SRC product GEONETXtm from within ArcView as a plug-in. The plug-in took advantage of the progress graphics screen from Geonetx native as well as the ability to use key features of ArcView for visualization such as non-overlapping trade areas and transparent fill.Geonetx can run stand alone and can source data in a number of standard GIS formats.

Of the six previous users' conferences, this conference was the completion of a trilogy of conferences covering Desiring Change, Defining Change and Leading with Change.Next year will begin a new topic determined by the events and products from 2005.

Published Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Written by Hal Reid

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