Update: LightSquared Update 2/14/12 - FCC Says Its Over

LightSquared requested and recieved an extension for comments on the matter. The Coalition to Save our GPS was of course against a long extesion, but it was ok with a short one. This one is "in between."

The comment period was extended from March 1 until March 16; additional reply comments may be filed by March 30.

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The FCC released its final decision stating LightSquared's current foray into 4G should be shelved as there is no way to mitigate interference with GPS. The FCC basically rescinded its conditional approval of LightSquared's plan. The FCC relied on the NTIA's conclusions, sent to the FCC in a letter Tueday afternoon. The FCC ruled late Tuesday.

The next step per the FCC is for it to propose barring near-term deployment of the LightSquared system. The FCC is expected issue a request for public comment on the proposed action on Wednesday.

LightSquared continues to argue the testing was flawed and released a press release stating it intention to work out a solution. The Coalitiion to Save Our GPS stated its support for the NTIA's evaluation in a press release.

- New York Times

Published Monday, March 5th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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