LightSquared Update - 4/4/11

GigaOm reports that LightSquared has a lot more issues besides straightening out the GPS interference sitation. Among them:

  • It doesn’t have devices, unless we count the poorly reviewed Genus phone offered by AT&T and TerreStar.
  • It does have to have dual-mode chips available for its customers, but if it changes spectrum to avoid GPS interference, that will require a radio chip tweak that could cause delays in devices getting to market.
  • It has until the third quarter (or end of year) in which to cover 9 million people and until 2012 to cover 100 million.
  • It no longer appears to be working with Nokia Siemens Networks, although it is still active in building out networks in Denver, Baltimore/Washington D.C. and Las Vegas.
  • Its best hope for a network build-out partner, T-Mobile, is set to be acquired by AT&T.

- GigaOm

Published Monday, April 4th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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