LightSquared Update 6/27/11

AVWeb rounds up the result of the latest press releases from the LightSquared camp and what the US House has done about the issue:

LightSquared released an economic impact study (PDF) done by the Brattle Group last week suggesting the GPS industry has been and continues to be heavily subsidized in that the timing signals used in their devices are owned, operated and maintained by the federal government through the Department of Defense. Its line of logic goes on to suggest that GPS manufacturers should be willing to invest the money to shield their devices from the interference generated by the LightSquared signals.  ...

The House Appropriations Committee, with strong bipartisan support, passed a motion to insert language in a spending bill that bars the FCC from spending any money on LightSquared's proposal until the company can unequivocally prove that GPS interference can be completely avoided. The Senate still has to pass the spending bill and the president still has to sign it for it to become law but analysts say it would be unusual for them to get in the way of something like this.

The working group report is expected Friday, after two week extension.

- AVWeb

Published Monday, June 27th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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