LightSquared Update 6/30/11

One of LightSquared customers, the first one, is speaking up on the GPS interference issue. Open Range Communications offer rural WiMAXand signed on with the carrier in March.

In an open letter [currently unavailable on website] released yesterday, Open Range CEO Bill Beans said the portrayal of the issue as a win-lose dilemma with a winner-take-all outcome “is unfortunate, shortsighted, and just plain wrong. It is not true that for one technology to exist, the other must not.”

- Wireless Week

The Save Our GPS Coalition continued its PR campaign with yet another press release highlighting a founder member addressing the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council.

Jim Kirkland, vice president and general counsel of Trimble quoting a National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) report said LightSquared’s planned deployment of 40,000 ground stations “could literally become a matter of life and death” when it affects communications and location technology used by first responders and other public safety officials.

- press release

In New Hampshire, there is love for the potential jobs and Internet access LightSquared could bring, but a reticence about interference with GPS.

U.S. Rep. Charles Bass, R-N.H., held a press conference at Concord’s Municipal Airport on June 29, to discuss the potential impact a new company trying to build a national broadband network may have to global positioning systems [GPS]. 

Bass is on the Communications and Technology House Subcommittee and is a pilot; he sent a letter to the FCC several weeks ago.

- Concord Patch

Published Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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