Lightsquared Update - Congressional Hearing Date Set, Latest PR - 9/6/11

LightSquared will be the topic of  U.S. House Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing on Sept 8 titled, “Impacts of the LightSquared Network on Federal Science Activities."

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An industry group I've never heard of has sent the LightSquared "party line" in a letter to the FCC.

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation has filed detailed comments with the FCC [pdf] stating that high-precision GPS device makers have ignored government warnings guidelines in their receiver designs, purposely building devices that listen into LightSquared’s L-band frequencies. Those comments largely echo the claims LightSquared has been making for several weeks.

ITIF noted the document on August 16, but the document itself has no date. No other media outlet covered this than Connected Planet. Not even LightSquared has noted it. Strange.

- Connected Planet

The Empower Rural America Initiative is getting active by placing opinion pieces in rural paper such as the Grand Forks North Dakota Herald. At the bottom of the piece which argues rural America should support LightSquared's efforts, the piece with a byline of Byron Dorgan, George Nethercutt and Charlie Stenholm, there is this statement:

Dorgan is a former U.S senator from North Dakota. Nethercutt and Stenholm both are former U.S. representatives — Nethercutt from Washington, and Stenholm from Texas.

LightSquared hired the former lawmakers to serve on advisory board for the Empower Rural America Initiative, a group that will help the company work toward deploying its planned satellite and broadband service.

I appreciate the transparency. I wonder if the former lawmakers or the newspaper were behind those words.

- Grand Forks Herald

Published Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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