Lightsquared Update - General Says 10 Year/$$$ Fix for LS, Says was Pressured to Support LS by White House - 9/16/11

Gen. William Shelton, head of the Air Force Space Command told a House committee on Thursday that it might take ten years and billions of dollars to "fix" the situation with LightSquared. I'm not sure why no one cited the "fix" LightSquared shared in a press conference on Wednesday (APB coverage).

- The Hill Blog

FCC Chairmane, expected at the hearing did not appear. Some suggest it had to do with his fast track approval and the new findings detailed below that appeared on Thursday.

- Washington Post

Also noteworthy, Fox News is reporting (sourced to Daily Beast) the General was pressured by the White House to support LightSquared. Separately, the Center for Public Integrity reported in an investigative piece about connections between the White House and LightSquared even as CEO Falcone was a donor to the Democratic Party.

- Fox News

LightSquare for its part denies any special favors from administration insiders.

- LightSquared statement (pdf)

Published Friday, September 16th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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