LightSquared Update - Testing Results, Pleas to Deere to Withdraw Concerns - 12/8/11

LightSquared, Chief Executive Officer Sanjiv Ahuja showed preliminary results that suggest three GPS devices surpass performance tests when in use alongside its network. An Alcatel-Lucent lab did the tests on devices from Javad GNSS, PCTel and Partron.

The Coalition to Save Our GPS quickly responded that these few data points do not show the problem is solved for all devices.

The next set of testing examines high precision devices.

- Bloomberg
- Save Our GPS statement
- LightSquared PR

Public officails and others are taking on those fighting against LightSquared, including John Deere.

A group of rural public officials and farmers wrote a letter to agriculture device manufacturer John Deere last week, urging the company to drop its lobbying campaign against wireless firm LightSquared.

- The Hill

Published Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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