Local (City/County/State) GIS Tidbits - 4/28/11

Laura Madison and an online community launched www.mbfloods.ca using software comparable to GIS, which visually presents information such as closed roads, high water levels, sewage, electricity outages. Below the map's surface is a groundwater library of government reports, viewer Youtube videos and text message testimonies, combining official and grassroots information sources to keep each other in check.

The comparable softarwe is Ushahidi.

- Lake of the Woods Enterprise

About $50,000 in the proposed town budget would be used for a special plane flight in Colchester, CT. The cost to put the data online? $3,000.

- Norwich Bulletin

Wellington, FL is trying out using a Segway equipped with GPS and computer to capture data for the GIS. It's very green, per the article in the local paper.

The Segway test is currently collecting all items that are in the right-of-way, Navarro said. Traditionally collecting GIS data was a two-person job that required traveling in a truck, collecting the data and then returning to the office to download the data, he said.

"With the Segway everything is completed within the field and is added to the GIS map immediately. The GPS on the Segway can locate an item within 4 inches," Navarro said. "I no longer need to head back to the office to download the data I have collected."

- Sun-Sentinel

Published Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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