Local (City/County/State) GIS Tidbits - 5/10/11

Memphis and Shelby County are using GIS to help manage flood response. Breathless copy includes:

Equipped with tailored, computer-speeded GIS views of any location in the county showing elevations, infrastructure and placement of individual businesses and residences, responders can plan realistically, wade into calls faster and with the best resources for the job.

- Commercial Appeal

The budget crunch has hit Danville, VA:

Geographic information system information, maps and other data available from the city’s Information Technology will rise, some items for minor amounts (a black-and-white map will go from $1 to $2) while other services will see significant increases, such as a GIS-provided ortho-mosaic of the entire city that was free will now cost $2,500.


The city unveiled an online interactive map on Monday that lets Calgarians find out when their streets will be cleaned.

It augments the existing signage reminded car owners about when to move their cars. The most popular solution in my city - the e-mail that goes out the day before to remind you. This is one of those cases where a map is nice, but may not be the best way to answer the citizen's question. Also, the map itself if quite complex! In contrast consider this (pdf) map from Holliston, MA of when pipes would be flushed.


- Holiston Patch

Published Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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