Local (City/County/State) GIS Tidbits - 5/12/11

Richmond County, NC has made its 2 foot imagery available online. Luckily, it has 2006 2 foot imagery with which to compare it. The only difference? The old imagery was from film, the new is digital. And, the county is ready to share: 

“It’s my understanding that all of this information that we received will be shared with Google Earth and other map software programs,” [County planner and GIS Director James] Armstrong explained. “So, it’ll be available on the Internet using certain search engines. Even some of your personal GPS devices have updater, so it’ll be in those.”

Richmond County Daily Journal

You can look at and actually download the data behind the latest redistricting plan for Oklahoma via an article in the local paper. Originally the house redistricting committee didn't want to share the data but after some negotiating, it did.

- NewsOK Blog

Published Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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