Local (City/County/State) GIS Tidbits - 5/24/11

The blueprints of the Northwood-Kensett Senior High School [corrected to IA, per comment] are not good enough for emergency response. So, bring in the tech!

The Trimble Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) is a cart with internal GPSLIDAR or lazar radar that scans the room or hallway it's in and provides something similar to Google Streets.

I'm not sure what lazar or Google Streets is, but you get the idea...

- KAALtv

Ready for some time travel? A Tampa Bay Online article features an interactive map with the bathymetry of the bay, a useful tool for fishermen. The old USGS site does the job but is and looks like it's from 2005! The source of the discussion (Bay Soundings) does not even cite that website, but a host of others.

- Tampa Bay Online

This sounds like overkill to me. But complaints about sanitation issues are down.

Every morning, for example, GHMC [Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation] field staff has to photograph each of the 3,800 garbage bins in the city. The photograph is then geo-tagged with the help of GPS in the mobile phones. The coordinates of the location—latitude and longitude data along with date and time—are then stamped on the image, which is compressed and transmitted to a central server in two seconds. Almost instantaneously, the images are available on the website http://www.osrt.in:8080/igms.

Anyone accessing the portal can view all the bins at a glance on a geographical information system (GIS)-based interface and can check their status (cleaned, not cleaned or unattended), the accompanying image for proof.

- Livemint

Published Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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