Lakewood Ohio Saves Money with Housing Inspection GIS: Gov GIS News

Lakewood Ohio is implementing a $35,000 GIS to help in housing inspections to maintain its aging housing stock. It'll also save the city money as personnel cuts are made in many areas. The bottom line on saving money: limiting duplicate work.

- Lakewood Patch

Thee Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments' $860,000 grant from 2008 for GIS is running out.  It's looking for in and out of state partners to keep it going. It currently serves 12 member towns.

 - Norwich Bulletin

The Times Record thinks Fort Smith (AR) should be selected as a Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011. Why? Among other things, its GIS!

Starting at the technology category, Fort Smith has much to brag about in its water treatment and delivery, sanitation efforts and transportation service. But all discussions of technology in Fort Smith always arrive at Geographical Information Services, where gurus Russell Gibson and Jeff Fears are the guys who taught the rest of the world how to do the things they make look easy.

In brief and inelegantly, they locate each lot in the city, building a map with layers of information, so that users can search horizontally or vertically.

To wit: On the city's website, following the GIS links, we learn that if the newspaper's home at 3600 Wheeler Ave. were a residence, students living there would attend Fairview, Ramsey and Southside. Mom and dad would vote at Calvary Assembly of God. For city issues, they would consult the Rev. Don Hutchings, their Ward 3 director; his address, phone number and email are provided. Trash and recyclables have automated collection on Tuesdays. Stephanie Malone would be their state representative, and Denny Altes would be their state senator.

The GIS guys save the city a ton of consultant bucks through their service to other departments, helping to plan routes, track repairs, study traffic patterns, attract major economic development and a million and one other things.

Go to the Fort Smith GeoDashboard link if you've got an afternoon to devote to playing and learning about your city.

- Times Record Editorial

Published Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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