Local (City/County/State) GIS Tidbits - 6/3/11

Several city, county and federal agencies and nonprofit organizations in an around Helena Montana have come together to for all-encompassing interactive map of trails.

The interactive map, called the Helena Area Trails Viewer, is the result of a cooperative pilot project among the City of Helena, Lewis and Clark County, PPLT, HNF, Montana FWP, the Montana State Library, the Montana Department of Administration Base Map Service Center, the Montana Geographic Information Clearing House, Adventure Cycling Association, BroadwaterCounty and Jefferson County.

Tech: GeoCortex

Helena Independent Record

Where are the highest risk areas for wolf attacks in Wisconsin? UW Madison researchers have put together a map.

...of the parts of Wisconsin within 60 miles of a wolf pack -- most of the state, excluding the southern and southeastern-most regions -- only one-third of the study area was found to be at risk of wolf attacks on livestock. The highest-risk areas comprise just 10.5 percent of the state, concentrated in the northwest and a few pockets near Lake Superior, researchers said.

- press release with actual map

I did not realize that having a GIS means lower flood insurance rates. So explains St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis said Thursday.

According to Davis, his staff worked with FEMA for two years to get their community rating down.

“We still don't have the levees, which would give us credits, so it's things like green space," Davis said. "GIS, our mapping system, our public works system on all of our drainage canals, those kinds of things give us higher points."

- WWLTV (New Orleans)

Published Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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