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Founded by Karl and Cara Rosaen, Real Time Farms (RTF) is a new crowd-sourcing online food guide that is every foodie’s dream, acting as a restaurant guide, local farm source map, and food artisan storytelling hub all wrapped up into one. As their website boasts, “As crazy as it sounds, our vision is to collectively document the whole food system. We are powered by the people!” You can search for farmsfood artisans and farmers markets in your area by simply typing in your zip code.

- Triple Pundit

 KaBOOM! announces the Scary Playgrounds: Let's Find 'Em & Fix 'Em contest, running from October 5-25, 2011. Winners will be announced Monday, October 31.

Participants are asked to capture photos and note the location of the scary playgrounds on a map. It seems to submit one you MUST download a phone app (that's LAME). Winners receive funds to fix the playgrounds. Kaboom is also behind a crowdsourced nationwide Map of Play to help parents get kids outdoors.

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The OccupyTogetherMap will allow those participating in the various Wall Street protests to document what's going on. It's built on Ushahidi. Like other such maps of late, there is no way to know who is behind the map or what they plan to do with the data. Shouldn't that be on the website? I know from a tweet that @lisawilliams is involved and CivicMIT/Media Lab but that info is not on the website/map. Would you put data on a map made by people/orgs unknown?

via @agharan

The New York Pubilc Library is looking for help georectifying maps. Learn to do it and then help out in your spare time!

Help NYPL build the geospatial library of the future! This workshop (which takes place the three times a month) will get you oriented with the a set of tools the Library has developed (available at maps.nypl.org) that enables librarians and the general public to add valuable geographic context to old maps. The workshop will focus on the core activity of the website: georectification, or "warping" maps. This means overlaying digital images of historic maps onto a contemporary digital map (similar to Google Maps), transforming them into tiles of a virtual atlas.

- NYPL via @NYPLMaps

Published Friday, October 7th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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