Local GIS Tidbits

The Citizen GIS [Chesterfield, VA] project was approved as part of the county’s FY10 Technology Improvement program and was originally budgeted at $80,000.

Condrey said his department “received a lot of feedback” in support of Citizen GIS from the local business community, the board of supervisors and staff members in other divisions of the county government.

And that was before anyone knew the project was going to come in so far under budget. Because of technology changes that resulted in significant cost savings, the total expenditure was approximately $25,000.

It’s a Silverlight app built on ESRI technology. One tool of interest? Convert Easting/Northing to Lat/Lon. I guess that was requested in the feedback.

- Chesterfield Observer

more coverage: Village News

An article in a Dallas Blog sings the praises of new City Hall-created online zoning map. I visited it. YIKES! That opening map made me shield my eyes.

- Southern Dallas Blog (Dallas News)

Wisconsin is being flown for his res aerial images.

- Fox 21 via @mappsorg

Indiana has an RFP for orthophotography

- State of Indiana via @mappsorg

Forsyth County GA won its second GIS award: The GIS Mobile Emergency Response System was one of eight named a “Most Efficient Use of Technology” winner in the first Emergency Management Digital Distinction Awards. That award comes from e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government and Emergency Management magazine. It also won an ESIG from URISA.

- Forsyth News

Published Monday, May 17th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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