Local GIS Tidbits

In Pepperell, MA they’ve created a form to request data from the GIS consultant. It’s interesting it has the name “Freedom of Information.” It’s unclear if the form is for the city or the public or both. It’s also interesting the GIS consultant works just twelve hours per month.

The board also approved the content and printing of a Freedom of Information for GIS Data form.

“The GIS Committee wanted to have a standardized form,” said Moak.

The form is intended to streamline the process for information requests to the GIS consultant who is generally available only six hours every two weeks.

- Nashoba Publishing

Massachusetts Lt. Governor met with 25 small towns as part of state government listening tour. Among the things he heard: the need for GIS.

Milford Assessor Priscilla Hogan asked to learn more about a geographical information system that allows municipalities to assemble, store, manipulate and display geographic information electronically.

“Milford does not have GIS at the moment, and I’m trying to push it forward to get it started,” Hogan said. “... Police, fire, the highway (department) - they could all use this. But we need a little guidance. We need GIS.”

She said the system would allow officials to pinpoint specific data without digging through files and background information.

Town Administrator Louis Celozzi said the move could be extremely beneficial to Milford.

“I think it’ll save the town a lot of money,” Celozzi said after the meeting.

- Milford Daily News

Conway, AR’s Lake Conway is getting measured.

Southwestern Energy, a major figure in the Fayetteville Shale natural gas work in north-central Arkansas, is contributing its $60,000 study of Lake Conway’s bottom to the watershed study.The 59-year-old lake has assorted troubles, one of them being the filling in with silt from incoming runoff water. Siltation has made some shallow areas inaccessible by boats, and AGFC fisheries biologists have estimated that the lake’s capacity may be 20 to 25 percent less today than when it was completed in 1951.

Holly Harvey is a Geographic Information System (GIS) field technician with Southwestern Energy. She said, “Our preliminary work with an aerial survey shows Lake Conway may be smaller than it once was. We have nine people in our GIS crew, but not all of them are working every day on the Lake Conway project. We have two john boats and a smaller Scamp boat that we are using in this work.”The smaller boat, she said, can get into areas where the john boats can’t. Lake Conway has numerous pockets and coves clogged with fallen logs and brush and with vegetation. There is also a remote-control boat for even more difficult places to reach.

- The Cabin.net

The Peel Region (Ontario, Canada) is getting electronic sewer maps to replace paper. GPS is getting all the credit; no sign of GIS.

The new software — a joint project between Peel and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority — is electronically mapping the region’s vast subterranean storm water sewer system at millions of points, including sewer and land elevations just 10 metres apart.

When it’s ready, within a few months, the GPS-enabled system built by Angus GeoSolutions Inc. will allow officials to pinpoint, in real time, the trajectory of the spill along a storm sewer and the precise point where it would flow into and contaminate a river.

- The Star

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $110,022 to the Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council in New Mexico. The funds will be used to support capacity building efforts for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council staff increasing their knowledge and understanding of air quality management in Indian Country as well as provide assessments on two of their member tribes by conducting emissions inventories within each tribes jurisdictional boundaries. The Council is a consortium which will facilitate Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis and modeling training in order to better understand how air quality management can be used to support current and future emissions inventory development.

- press release

Published Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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