Local GIS (Town/City/State) Tidbits

The City of Ann Arbor data catalog (Michigan) has a number of high quality map data sets available which can be loaded into mapping programs like Google Earth and Google Maps. This data is exported from various geographic information systems maintained at the city and county levels. There's a new data layer available: building footprints, derived from LiDAR. Perhaps more notworthy: AnnArbor.com has its own blogger who blogs about mapping!

Edward Vielmetti looks at maps for AnnArbor.com. Reach him at EdwardVielmetti(at)AnnArbor.com.

- AnnArbor.com

A charity,  League Against Cruel Sports, has put together a social media-based map to show that hunting with dogs (which is currently banned in the UK, but now hunts simply don't catch foxes, so they are legal) causes havoc and put pressure on local police how are tracking legal activities. Supporters of hunting make clear the map is inaccurate.

- League Announcement

- Telegraph

Using its GIS mapping system, just 1,328 of the 34,978 total parcels, including those located in city limits, are affected based on the most recent 2007 FEMA map, which translates to 3.7 percent. But, [Putman County, TN] County Executive Kim Blaylock said, it's likely that a large majority of those people don't know their flooding risk.

So, the county is paying the $600 in postage to send a letter to owners of those parcels. There's no requirement that it do so.

Published Monday, February 21st, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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