Locate Your Luggage; TrakDot Debuts at CES

From the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes word of a device that will locate and track your luggage. The small, credit card-sized device called TrakDot (manufactured by GlobaTrac) is packed with your luggage and will alert you as to it's location, especially if you're in Bangor and your luggage is in Bangkok. The device uses cellular triangulation rather than GPS and will even send you an SMS when it hits the luggage carosel. Another battery saver is the fact that when you fly, the device "goes to sleep" according to TrakDot, and "wakes up" when you land. The device is relatively inexpensive at $50, plus $8.99 for activation and a $12.99 yearly fee.

- Engadget 

Published Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Written by Joe Francica

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